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Effective leadership is one of the most important, yet least understood, ingredients in successful organizations. The Results Group specializes in the following leadership development areas: coaching leaders, leadership team development, governance practices, and risk management.

Coaching Leaders

Drawing upon years of experience as executives in leadership positions, The Results Group's Senior Partners serve as coaches or mentors. We provide advice and counsel, develop strategic thinking skills, and assist with problem solving to address specific situations.

Our approach to coaching is straightforward. We work with the coaching client to identify their strengths and areas that need attention, then work with the individual to build on their strengths and address the issues. Sometimes we serve primarily as a sounding board, giving the coaching client an opportunity to think through the issues or situation, and guide them through a strategic thinking process to solve problems that may, on the surface, seem intractable. Sometimes coaching includes helping the client to developing new management strategies, develop a broader range of skills, and gather and apply information differently than they have in the past. As they apply these techniques, we provide support and direct feedback so that they are able to successfully incorporate new skills and behaviors.

Leadership Team Development

We have found that leadership teams in highly effective organizations demonstrate seven core competencies. We work with clients' executive leaders to develop individual and team expertise in these seven areas:

  • Visioning and inspiring the organization
  • Strategic and operational planning
  • Collaborative problem solving
  • Decision making
  • Delegation
  • Conflict resolution
  • Internal and external communication

Governance Practices

Good governance practices are fundamental to a well-run, successful enterprise - ensuring not only that the organization will achieve its desired results, but also that it will achieve them in the right ways. We help public, non-profit, and corporate boards elevate their governance practices to meet high standards, applying our proprietary Governance for Results methodology that applies best practices to the organization's needs and context. Our governance consulting services include:

  • Assessment of current practices:

    We assess your organization's governance systems, structures, and policies, evaluating them in comparison with best practices and national standards.

  • Developing systems, structures, and policies:

    Starting with the Governance for Results framework, we work with your board and executive leadership to upgrade your current practices, developing a customized governance manual that reflects the requirements of your organization's stakeholders.

  • Implementation and updating:

    We support your Board and leadership in implementing the governance practices. This may include training sessions, establishing a monitoring and reporting system, developing an orientation session for new board members, or conducting periodic review-and-update sessions to ensure that the governance practices remain aligned with changing organizational requirements.

Risk Management

For an organization to be effective, enterprise risk management should be an integrated part of its overall governance, management and culture. Instituting enterprise risk management principles in an organization has become a bedrock role for leaders. The Results Group provides consulting services to organizations that are concerned that their current enterprise risk management framework is not as effective as it should be. We work with our clients to assess current systems and help them design new risk management architectures that reflect their industry's best practices.

Leadership Turmoil

Periodically, many organizations experience a crisis that creates turmoil at the leadership level. When the crisis erupts, it can often be traced to long-standing issues, patterns of behavior, or conflicts that have gone unaddressed. In these situations, Boards and leadership teams call on us to rapidly assess the situation, identify the critical issues, and support leaders in taking the necessary steps to address the immediate crisis and build systems and capacity to avoid future upheaval.