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The following brief descriptions illustrate the range of clients served by The Results Group and the types of consulting services we often provide.

Client: A National Finance Corporation

Consultation: Strategy and Organization Development

This real estate finance corporation with a billion-dollar market cap engaged The Results Group to lead a major strategy and organization development project. The purpose of the project was to knit together a diverse set of businesses, brought together through merger and acquisition, into a unified company focused on a coherent set of goals.

We worked with the Board of Directors and Senior Executives to develop their first-ever strategic plan and corporate business plans. We then worked with leadership and the business units to assess the organizational culture and bring together the diverse functions to develop a common culture based on values, norms, and agreements. This included a model for more thoughtful and systematic decision-making.

The next phase of the work involved process improvement in the business units. For example, we reviewed the debt processes across three locations: Baltimore, Boston and Tampa Bay. The best processes from all three locations were combined to create a hybrid process.

The project yielded a final product that was quicker, easier for customers to understand and track, and seamless across the organization. Additionally, the Human Resources department engaged The Results Group to document, improve and standardize all of the major Human Resource processes (e.g., hiring, performance reviews, conflict mediation, salary increases, insurance and compensation packages, etc.). As part of this effort, we supported the development of automated systems, including online tracking capabilities, for each of these processes.

Client: California Prison Healthcare Receivership

Consultation: Strategic Planning and Organizational Improvement

California's healthcare for inmates in its 33 prisons was ruled by a federal court to be inadequate to meet a constitutionally minimal standard of care. A receiver was appointed to take over all responsibility for management and operation of this health care system, which provides medical treatment to more than 150,000 inmates.

After some turmoil, the court appointed a second Receiver, who asked The Results Group to assist in developing a strategic plan and implementing major organizational changes.

We worked closely with the Receiver and his advisory board to develop a "Turnaround Plan of Action." We then supported his executive team in implementing that plan. Specific projects included facilitating numerous policy and planning sessions, conducting organizational assessments, facilitating an organization redesign, coaching and mentoring key executives, and project managing a number of major initiatives to improve inmate medical and mental health care.

Client: A Large Invoice Processing Division

Consultation: Business Process Improvement

This organization conducts medical invoicing for more than 30 facilities providing medical care, ranging from acute care to extended hospitalization, rehabilitation, and nursing care. This project documented, streamlined, and standardized the invoicing process.

Two teams conducted in-depth workflow studies within five facilities selected to represent a full range of patient populations, geographical locations, and contract provider networks. From the outset, we developed the organization's in-house capability to continuously improve its processes and efficiency.

Thus, we developed and delivered training in business process analysis and improvement for staff who participated on the project teams. The result of the effort was a greater than 30% reduction in processing time and estimated cost savings in excess of more than $1 million annually.

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