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In today's environment of rapid change and uncertainty, leaders and managers face new challenges every day. The Results Group draws upon decades of experience to help our clients look past symptoms to find and address root causes, identifying solutions for the long term.

The Results Group helps clients in variety of problem solving areas:

Managing Change

To accomplish organizational change requires mobilizing the people who will lead the change effort, developing communication plans, and implementing a comprehensive Change Management Strategy. We focus not only on the tasks that will achieve organizational improvement but also on the cultural underpinnings that will be needed to support the desired change.

Conflict Resolution

Clients have called on us to serve as neutral facilitators in the resolution of conflicts between individuals, supervisors and staff, and divisions or work units. Our approach is to first establish a safe environment focused on seeking solutions, which includes getting all parties to the conflict to "seek to understand before seeking to be understood." We then clarify the disagreements or issues at stake, using an Interest-based approach (see below). We then focus the parties on identifying potential solutions that would resolve the conflict. The result is a set of agreements that will not only resolve the immediate problem, but provide the participants with new tools to work through future disagreements and issues.

Interest Based Approach

The Results Group has developed an interest-based approach to problem solving, conflict resolution, and stakeholder participation efforts. This approach moves the participants from promoting entrenched positions to stating their fundamental interests so that differing viewpoints are heard and discussed productively. We have used this approach repeatedly to overcome years of polarization and entrenchment. As a result, participants develop solutions that satisfy the broadest range of interests, and come away with greater commitment to make these solutions work.

Leadership Support

Leaders often must wrestle with complex issues and make difficult decisions alone. As neutral outside consultants, we use our experience and expertise to support them as they clarify the problem, come up with creative solutions, make difficult decisions, and act on them.

Leadership Turmoil