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the results group strategic and business planning

Working together with your Board, executives, and key staff, we develop strategic and business plans that set a future course for your organization and mobilize staff to achieve stretch goals.

The opportunities and challenges facing your organization are unique; therefore, we tailor a strategic and/or business planning approach that will achieve the results that you are seeking.

A strategic planning engagement will typically include most or all of the following components:

Conducting a Situation and Environment Assessment

Performing an environmental scan - identifying trends and key factors in your organization's internal and external environment and developing a compelling picture of the organization's future opportunities and challenges.

Articulating the Organization's Mission, Vision and Values

Facilitating the organization's leaders through structured discussions that clarify and build unified commitment to the organization's core mission, vision and values.

Developing Future Scenarios

Developing a set of scenarios to both illustrate the changing environment and to identify potential strategies to determine which would be most effective in achieving the organization's desired future.

Defining Goals and Strategies

Working with leaders and key staff to develop goals and specific outcomes for the organization, and to identify the most effective strategies to accomplish them.

Developing Business and Operational "Action Plans"

Preparing detailed operational plans that specify action steps, milestones, timelines, and resource allocation to achieve the desired outcomes.

Establishing a Performance Management Process

Designing the outcome measures, a "dashboard" performance report and other progress-monitoring tools, and the ongoing system of measuring, progress monitoring, adjusting priorities and resources, and rewarding performance.

Supporting Implementation

Providing support to leaders in the form of coaching, teambuilding, performance evaluation and problem solving to achieve the goals and objectives set forth in the strategic, business, and action plans. We also work with business units and work teams to build the capacity and motivation to go above and beyond, achieving a higher level of results in a shorter period of time.