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The following brief descriptions illustrate the range of clients served by The Results Group and the types of consulting services we often provide.

Client: A Regional Commuter Rail System

Consultation: Community Outreach and Education

A two-county transit district received federal funding to plan a commuter rail system connecting 12 cities using existing tracks from an old freight line. Public outreach was essential to determine future riders' preferences, identify community concerns, and generate public support to build the system.

The Results Group designed and implemented a $500,000 outreach program garnering input to the planning, environmental review, and engineering design of the system. This effort included a community-wide telephone survey, extensive publicity, and a series of 25 public meetings over a two year period.

The process was widely credited as a major factor in the success of a sales tax measure to fund the rail project. It passed with more than the required two-thirds majority in both counties.

Client: United Way

Consultation: Strategic Planning and Program Development

A three-county United Way organization engaged The Results Group's to guide their first-ever strategic planning effort. This involved a full range of stakeholders in a comprehensive environmental assessment, and then brought together the Board, community members, and staff to identify clear goals and put an implementation structure in place.

As a result, the organization was restructured and record fundraising targets were exceeded. Subsequently, The Results Group guided the process by which this United Way transitioned to a more focused approach to funding community services, which was highly controversial. We facilitated a group comprised of service providers, major donors, and United Way staff though a 12-month planning process; the outcome was consensus on a plan to implement the new approach.