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The following brief descriptions illustrate the range of clients served by The Results Group and the types of consulting services we often provide.

Client: State of California

Consultation: Executive Training Academy

Facing a daunting need for succession planning as a large number of senior executives approached retirement, the State asked The Results Group to develop and deliver a four-day training to prepare upper-middle managers to move into executive leadership roles.

The firm's Senior Partners created a hands-on, highly participatory seminar-style experience based on adult learning principles. Topics included visionary leadership, strategy development and implementation, building a high-performance culture, and managing change. The academy was highly successful - not only was it rated very highly by participants, but word-of-mouth created such demand that it the firm was asked to conduct it again for the next three years.

Client: The Wildfire Response System in the Western United States

Consultation: Coordination of Strategy and Collaboration-Building

Wildfire response in the Western United States involves numerous state and federal agencies (California Office of Emergency Services, California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, U. S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, and several others). After several major fires clearly demonstrated the need for a more coordinated approach, The Results Group was engaged to bring these diverse agencies together to collaboratively redesign the emergency response system.

Over 18 months we guided a steering committee and several workgroups as they conducted extensive policy analysis, business process analysis and redesign, and development of requirements for new technology. The project ultimately resulted in the implementation of a coordinated approach to emergency response, protocols for sharing resources based on nearest proximity to the fire, and an unprecedented computerized response system jointly operated out of the federal command center in Boise, Idaho and the California Department of Forestry's headquarters in Sacramento, California.

Client: A Start-Up Nonprofit Organization

Consultation: Program Planning and Organization Building

One of the firm's partners worked with the Board of this start-up organization prior to the hiring of an Executive Director. The program was created to provide intensive dental care - primarily major oral surgery - and dental education to families on Medi-Cal in four Northern California counties.

For six months, until the hiring of a new leader, he facilitated the Board through a strategic planning process, worked with the one staff person to develop a comprehensive program and funding plan, hired staff, and launched the initial delivery of services. Over the course of two years, the organization secured over $800,000 in federal, state, and foundation funding to build a clinic to perform major dental surgery for low-income children, and is currently performing up to 7 surgeries per day with Medi-Cal reimbursement as the only fees charged. Fundraising supports a dental education program in the four counties.

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