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The following brief descriptions illustrate the range of clients served by The Results Group and the types of consulting services we often provide.

Client: A Major Insurer

Consultation: Strategic Planning and Organization Development

Having experienced turnover at the CEO and executive management level, this insurance company with over 700,000 policyholders sought The Results Group's expertise to build a coherent organizational vision and set of goals, and to unite the staff to work together in achieving them.

We worked with the Board, the newly-hired CEO, senior management, and staff for three years to accomplish fundamental change across all divisions and functions.

We began with an organizational assessment, using The Results Group's proprietary methodology. This includes a competitive analysis, evaluation of roles and processes across the organization, culture assessment, and resource allocation review. The Board and executive staff then developed a business vision and goals, and senior and middle management developed a cohesive set of strategies.

Through a highly participative process, we brought staff from different divisions into cross-functional workgroups to develop implementation plans. This accomplished a major culture shift - line staff and middle managers moved from focusing on each division's competing priorities, to collaboratively developing ways to use all the division's expertise to achieve a common set of goals.

We then worked in several of the divisions, providing management coaching, team building, process improvement, and other support. The management team became a stable and highly functional team, and the Board presented The Results Group with commendation for having achieved fundamental organizational change that far exceeded their expectations.

Client: A Public School District

Consultation: Community-Based Planning and Development

A kindergarten-through-high-school district in a small city had received much criticism from parents and the media. A newly-hired Superintendent recognized the need to build community support to revitalize the schools.

He engaged The Results Group to work with a group of school board members, parents, and district staff in designing and conducting a community-wide process to identify and fund needed changes.

This included interviewing key community leaders and school staff, developing a set of strategic questions, then facilitating a series of community meetings to build consensus on solutions. The process resulted in a groundswell of community interest and media support. A revitalization plan was developed and a group of prominent citizens led a fundraising campaign to implement the solutions.

Client: A Statewide Employee Pension System

Consultation: Strategy and Organization Development

This retirement system's 2,300 employees manage retirement benefits for more than 1.6 million public employees and retirees, and health benefits for 1.3 million. Over the past 15 years, The Results Group has worked closely with the Board, leadership, and staff to develop and implement strategy, and has led many organization development projects.

In 1995, The Results Group worked with the Board and staff to develop their first enterprise-wide strategic plan. This included the implementation of an enterprise-wide business & annual planning sequence that now drives both budgeting and performance monitoring. Since then, we have supported regular updating and revision of its strategic and business plans. We have also worked with the Board on major policy development projects, including formulating a comprehensive enterprise-wide risk management strategy. The Board has also called upon the firm to facilitate numerous policy sessions and two-day workshops.

Our work in the business units includes development and implementation of a Change Management office (which has since become the Strategic Management Division), project management in the Investments Office to overhaul delegations of authority and investment policy, and rethinking of the Health Benefits Branch's strategy and approach in order to mitigate the rising cost of member health benefits.

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